Chutney Hotels

It is not about us, is it?

Chutney Hotels! is really about you.more then that,our wor is about your guest and their experience of you and what you offer. Yet, we do have a tiny little story to tell , a peek at who we are.

The journey of Chutney Hotels began on January 14th 2013, Naming the Company “Chutney Hotels” idea come from the experience we wanted to provide to travelers. “Chutney ”, an anglicized from of the hindi word “Chatni” made from highly variable mixture of spices vegetables, herbs and fruits which can be in varied colours & forms like sweet ,spicy and combination of any or all. Similarly we have a mixture of experience to offer with our hotel sand destinations to tantalize the travel buds of travelers.

Chutney Hotels was started by two different persons but with single goal to provide a unique travel experience – having experience of 20 plus years each in varied field of travel, tourism, Hospitality and hotel management vis a vis Operations, Management, Sales And Marketing in both Online & Offline platforms hence understand the requirement of B2B market.

We have chosen each hotel with utmost care & specialize in certain Destinations so that wherever your guest want to go, whatever they want to do. Chutney Hotels will create travel experiences that are theirs alone, shaped by their needs, tastes and dreams.

We at Chutney Hotels are a group of passionate & committed individuals who are relentlessly contributing towards discovering innovative ways of making holidays, cherished experiences.

Hereby we showcase some of the properties to start with and will update more in details in coming times.